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45 definitions by mavros

the sound an oriental camera makes
Mr.wong said, "Rook diss ray prease," and the camera went "Crick"
by mavros April 03, 2006
88 75
The most putrid,& foul odor one can produce out of his/her body! Easily distinguished by the length and type of noise made during its release...
They usualy last between 10 to 30 seconds and sound sort of like a mouse on a motorcycle.( A Jap bike, not a Harley).
Caution: The silent, Hot ones are deadly!!!
Tyrone just knew his life would be great after he cleared out the entire Bank with just one "Crackfart"!!!
by mavros April 02, 2006
17 5
Frozen pussy juice on a stick
"Shut-up stupid, and eat another cuntcicle"!
by mavros April 22, 2006
28 17
Any type of food, (usualy like a big mac) that makes you sick!
Damn, I ate that belly bomb and it wants out faster than it went down!
by mavros April 24, 2006
13 3
A very small but erect nipple on a huge tit.
Damn...check out the pigmy gumdrops on that biatch.
by mavros April 03, 2006
12 2
A cunt! Twat, 'jina, Hole, PussPuss
I'm going to Nancys and eat her boxed lunch @ the Y
by mavros April 10, 2006
23 15
Could be the painfull outcome from sliding down a rope.
When you slide down a rope and your balls Feel like soap...
you've got mail.Huh? NO NO you've got ruptured balls.


When your slammed inthe door and your balls hitthe floor...
you know what you've got?
by mavros April 10, 2006
8 2