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51 definitions by matty

My cousin who speaks funny and has an evil little brother and like to go shopping.....
You're so Nadicky!
by Matty January 21, 2004
The name given to a girl from the Welsh Valleys. Usually a pikey, a scally or chav, they like to wear gold jewelery and have dirty bleached hair. The male equivalent is a valley boy.
A stinky whore
by MATTY May 27, 2004
trippin on drugs normally lsd
im avin an acid trip
by matty October 09, 2004
a great comeback insult when arguing with someone
who stole my last beer? your muma
by Matty September 23, 2003
Word used to describe feeling when someone asks you to do something tiresome like retrieving the TV remote from upstairs or going to take the garbage out.
An insult to someone dumb or ditsy.
A featherd bird that waddles, honks, and tastes delicious.
"I really can't be goosed to be honest"
"You are such a goose/ you big goose!"
"The goose pecked me"
by matty July 30, 2004
Lowest Common Denominator, acronym; for the masses and lower working class
Jesus, they are all watching I'm A Celebrity...Get Me out of Here. Tut tut, how LCD; Nice Burberry/tracksuit... snigger, LCD prick
by Matty November 28, 2004
british slang, a term used by young people to say hello to thier respected friends.
howsit going geeza? fancy a pint?
yeh man...
nice one
by matty June 24, 2005