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Legendary guitarist of the metal band Death. One of the pioneers of extreme metal.
Chuck passed away in 2001. RIP
by matt March 17, 2005
A very, very kick ass band from NYC. They're by far one of the best shows you can see live.
I went to a Strokes concert and it was BAD ASS
by Matt June 22, 2004
1) A belief, usually religious
2) A "band" made of shitty musicians who think they're good. Lead singer Scott Stapp was thrown out of college for drug usage. Became famous only by pretending to be Pearl Jam. Their original bassist was fired because he wanted a fair share of their profit. They claim to be Christian only when it's convenient. Tied with Limp Bizkit in Guitar World's "Worst Band of 2003" contest. Unofficially broke up after a December 2002 show where Scott Stapp showed up wasted. Members currently making solo albums which I personally hope flop.
Creed fan #1: Oh my God! Creed is sooooo good!
Creed fan #2: I know! They're such good Christians!
Real Music fan: You do know that Creed knocked off Pearl Jam and that Scott Stapp was thrown out of college for drug usage, right?
Creed Fan #1 and 2: Who's Pearl Jam? A Creed knockoff?
by Matt March 23, 2004
commonly used by somolians at silverthorn colligiate, meaning i swear to god.
walahi give me a dollar
walahi say walahi
walahi give me my hat back
by Matt March 04, 2005
Mankind's greatest and worst achievement.
I looked at an educational program and then watched Pimp My Ride.
by Matt March 14, 2005
Melbourne is home to the F1 and arial ping-pong. City is very dull in terms of architecture. A poor version of Sydney. Sydney is now ranked higher in the quality of life scale for cities around the world. Will always live in the shadows of Sydney.
AFL is only played in Melbourne, what a fucking excuse for a sport.

Melbournians think they are the shit.


What the fuck is there to do in Melbourne?
by Matt April 12, 2005
A two seater convertible manufactured by Honda of Japan. Currently the highest reving mass produced engine in the world. Known to elicit great joy and excitement from drivers who push the RPMS to 9K. World class handling and a superb 6 speed gearbox define this automotive marvel. Its 2 liter engine makes an incredible 240 HP which helps this car dominate the competition in the twisties. A force to be reckoned with and a purists dream come true. The best bang for the buck bar none.
Matt powerdrifted through the twisties in his S2000 which left the lame ricers in the dust.
by Matt February 08, 2004
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