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A bong with its tube in the shape of a Z
Thats a phatty zong dude
by matt November 15, 2002
While a girl is going down on a guy, the polite act of tapping her on the head or shoulder before he comes in her mouth.
That asshole just came in my mouth, he wasn't even polite enough to give a courtesy tap!
by Matt January 10, 2004
The universal church, created by jesus, guided by the holy spirit and blessed by god. Often misunderstood as a set of rules one must follow. In actuallity the catholic church stresses the fact that jesus loves us and died for us and the rules are simply for our own good. The catholic church encourages its members to seek a personal relationship with god.
non-catholic: haha u can't fornicate.
catholic: yeah so.....?
by matt May 05, 2005
A threesome consisting of a man doing a women from behind, while she bends over and sucks another mans cock. All three people are standing. They form a capital 'H'. With each thrust from the man, the H tends to wobble.
Mike and I got that college freshman up in our dorm room and did a wobbly h with her.
by Matt August 26, 2003
Governor of Caleefohnia. see governator.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is Conan the Republican.
by matt October 23, 2004
Swack is basically another word for fuck. This word originated in San Diego, where lots of guys use it.
GUY 1: Look at that ass over there, would you SWACK?
GUY 2: I'd mos def SWACK that.
by Matt December 28, 2004
You are considered "strapped" when you are in possesion of a fire-arm. But it started off as a term to describe when you have a Mac 10 or some other semimachine gun or uzi on a strap hanging from your shoulder under your clothes.
"We stay strapped when walking threw the hood"
by matt September 07, 2004

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