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He is one of the best shock rockers ever. Hes so awesome he actually came to my shit hometown on his EYES OF ALICE COOPER RETURNS tour and you can bet I was there! (I even painted my face heheheh)
People think hes washed up just because hes old and plays Golf, and they think hes a sellout because hes in commercials, but thast because PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK MUSIC IS ABOUT! WHO GIVES A FUCK HOW OLD THE SINGER IS! ITS THE MUSIC THAT MATTERS! I COULDNT CARE LESS IF A BAND WAS FORMED BY A BUNCH OF FUCKING TALKING PEANUTS!!!!! AS LONG AS THEY MAKE GOOD MUSIC ID LISTEN TO THEM!
The point is, people are judging him for his appearance now, which is retarded. The people that judge him as a sellout or a washed-up old fart are probably the same people that just watch MuchMusic just to see whos hot these days, and listen to Billy Talent and Good Charlotte and other flavors of the month. YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK! YOU CAN ALL ROT IN POSER HELL!! ALICE COOPER WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST METAL GROUPS TO BE FORMED!
Best songs by him:
Schools Out,
Billion Dollar Babies,
Sick Things,
No More Mr. Nice Guy,
I'm Eighteen,
and FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN (one of the best songs EVER with a sick solo)
by Matt October 23, 2004
MMORPG in which the user must make his avatar perform difficult and/or borring tasks. eg. dragonslaying, mining 10,000 coal, fishing trout, ect. again and again and again. often captures the user soul with its mind captivating powers. almost as addicting as crack, heroine and acid....... put together. CBC has started running adds to warn children of the dangers of playing runescape. The surgeon general is currently formulating a warning that will be desplayed on all runescape site and parafanalia.
Scene- mother and son in car driving down the road.....
30 secounds pass.
"another missed oppurtunity to talk to your kids about runescape."
by matt May 05, 2005
A bong with its tube in the shape of a Z
Thats a phatty zong dude
by matt November 15, 2002
A fucking great scandinavian metal band, with some of the best guitar riffs ever. Alexi Laiho is god.
Children of Bodom ripped my fucking head off last night.
by matt November 13, 2004
A person who likes to burn or blow things up
Matt is such a pyromaniac, he blew up his house.
by Matt April 27, 2003
Slang term for a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission.
Did you see that ricer Civic with the slushbox? He was letting off the gas every time it shifted to make it look like he was driving a stick.
by Matt January 18, 2004
While a girl is going down on a guy, the polite act of tapping her on the head or shoulder before he comes in her mouth.
That asshole just came in my mouth, he wasn't even polite enough to give a courtesy tap!
by Matt January 10, 2004

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