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One who sleeps an unusually large number of hours per day. The opposite of an insomniac.
I couldn't get a hold of Briana because she was asleep all day. She's such a somniac.
by mathjedi May 14, 2006
(verb) To make major life decisions based solely around an anticipated, currently nonexistent, and typically unlikely, future relationship; said of a male.
I feel sorry for Joe. He quit his job and moved to Los Angeles because Jane was moving to Los Angeles, then Jane met a guy down there and Joe hates it there. He put all his sperm in one basket.

(the example should include "put all one's sperm in one basket" verbatim, but that would be bad grammar, so I have to write it somewhere)
by mathjedi November 09, 2008
Melancholy; sad; gloomy.

(Derived from observing that "melancholy" is an unusual word; the first syllable sounds like "melon," which is a fruit, and the second sounds like "collie," which is a dog.)
"I think I'm just going to go home," he said. "I'm feeling kind of fruitdog today."
by mathjedi June 10, 2005
Abbreviation for "what the deuce."
"WT2? I don't understand what you're talking about."
by mathjedi January 08, 2008
A day set aside to be nice to a friend who is feeling down, observed on the third Friday in October.

Etymology: derived from "Renaissance," a program in which students with good grades receive gifts from local merchants; + (French) "fry," because the event which inspired Renaissance Fryday took place at a McDonalds that gave free French fries to students in this program; + "day." "Fry" and "day" were combined into one word to resemble the word "Friday," since said event occurred on a Friday (10/15/1993).
Happy Renaissance Friday! I'm sorry your girlfriend just broke up with you. Let's go get some burgers.
by mathjedi May 13, 2005
Acronym for "passed out on the couch." Typically used in away messages by users of instant message software.
Auto response from Dude9236235: pootc
by mathjedi April 15, 2005
A list that one keeps, usually mentally, of CDs, DVDs, video games, etc., that he/she wants to buy, not at full price, but either used, or at a large discount. (The name comes from Rasputin Music, a chain of used music and video stores around San Francisco.)
"I kind of like that band, but they're not my favorite. Their CD is going on my Rasputin list."
by mathjedi August 22, 2005

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