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a nomadic clitorus. never in the same place 2 nights running
charlene lives a caravan (therefore, a gypsy)
by masterofrpg May 14, 2004
the ancient dutch book on the art of erotic barnyard love
jennings reads this every day
by masterofrpg May 14, 2004
a crest on tissue adorning one's post-wank helmet
phil:i find kleenex balm is the best nob turban
Jenning's:i prefer bog roll
by masterofrpg May 14, 2004
appetising breasts
that bird's got some good nipplecakes on her
by masterofrpg May 14, 2004
Where ice cream is stored
jennings' child dream was to become an ice cream factory worker
by masterofrpg March 12, 2004
playing conquers with the scrotum until ones sac is so sore they give up oruntil it falls off.
phil has no balls after he lost to jennings
by masterofrpg March 12, 2004
1.a homemade flavoured condom that is prone to splitting

2.a blow job that leaves your cock smelling vaguely of friut
-"when baxendale asked for a friutini, he didnt expect dale to pull down his trousers"
by masterofrpg February 18, 2004
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