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The one and only desended of the ever so popular Dawesy, but an even more better version
i am the dawes!!!!
by The one the only Dawesmister March 25, 2004
A dyke.
A Bully.
Not fit.
Someone your only friends with because their parents are paying you to ;)
Oh my god your such a DAWE/DYKE!

Im only friends with you cus your mums paying me Dawe!
by Jamal09 March 24, 2009
An amazing flat with very hot and attractive peeps living in it. Common phrases like: "let's go down to the basement" , "anyone want a jigga" and "waddya mean" are spoken on the reg. if you're invited to the house party is month, then you've officially made it in life.
Where ya goin tonight? Defo that party at Dawes
by Wadddyameannn October 19, 2014
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