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a mixture of barbecue sauce, ketchup and hot sauce that is commonly found in Chicago, mostly SouthSide BBQ/chicken joints such as Harold's and Leon's.
can i get 6 wings with mild sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper??
by mello yellow December 09, 2009
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The lowest and least highly regarded descriptor that one can use in reference to an object or event when evaluating said item's worth based on the Taco Bell Sauce Scale (or simply "Sauce Scale"). The term "mild sauce" is used to describe a girl that is severely lacking in the beauty/hotness department, a bad-tasting food item, an uncool object, or an idea or event that lacks inventiveness. Items that are declared as "Mild Sauce" are vastly less cool than items declared Fire Sauce, and slightly more lame than items declared Medium Sauce.

Similar to the idea of "Weak Sauce."
"I can't believe my Mustang just got spanked in a race by that kid's Honda."
"I can, because your shit's MILD SAUCE!"

"Man, I can't believe you actually nailed that chick last night! That chick was total mild sauce! HAHAHA!"
"Dude, don't remind me..."
by De La Nooch September 22, 2008

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