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What every girl on Girls Gone Wild lacks.
The girl with the blurry boobs had low self esteem.
by marlasinger January 30, 2007
Someone who can tell the color of an m&m just by tasting it.
Teacher: What the hell are you doing?
Student: I'm trying to see if I can guess what color I'm eating without using my eyes. I want to see if I'm Color Clairvoyant.
by marlasinger January 30, 2007
The opposite of "upset". Has a positive connatation despite the prefix "down-". Which raises the question of why "upset" has a negative connotation if it begins with the prefix "up".
I was so downset the other day because my team won the superbowl.
by marlasinger January 30, 2007
A sexual act that involves having tea with a midget dressed up like Ronald McDonald, finding a Burmese python in Wisconsin and defeating the Dread Pirate Roberts.
Guy 1:Have you ever done a eulogy falls?
Guy 2: Oh yeah, it took me 3 weeks.
by marlasinger January 30, 2007
What my cousin used to call breasts.
I saw some Tundy Plumdies in the Sears catalog today.
by marlasinger January 30, 2007
Every naked person on basic cable seems to suffer from this mysterious disease that blurs the genital areas. If we work together we could find a cure for blur-itis by the year 2012.
All of the women who get breast implants on Doctor 90210 seem to contract blur-itis shortly before and after their operations.
by marlasinger January 30, 2007
1. The state of being freaky, odd, weird, moronic, strange, but ultimately laughably cool.

2. Having the characteristics of Captain Jack Sparrow.
I cut myself shaving a monkey. How totally sparrow is that?
by marlasinger January 30, 2007

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