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3 definitions by manta1

A shit.
(loosely taken from the Reeves and Mortimer pilot 'The Weekenders', where the line 'I'd like to put a deposit on it. No, a monetary deposit.' is a running gag).
Where are you going?
Just making a non-monetary deposit dear.
by manta1 May 18, 2007
as in, 'to drop a...'
A desperately needed and massive dump, sufficient to reduce one's waist measurement by 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) and/or relieve the pressure of a tight waistband after a good meal.
See also man diet.
(From the Kellog's 'Drop a jeans size' dietary advertising slogan)
Where's Ben?
Oh, he's in the bog, dropping a jeans size.
by manta1 May 18, 2007
A dump of sufficient mass to register a difference on before/after body weight measurements using standard electronic scales; greater than 0.45kg (1 lb).
Are you hungry now?
Damn right, I just had a man diet before I came out.
by manta1 May 18, 2007