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expressing denial or refusal; saying "no"
Did you see the game yesterday? negaTRON.
by Mandy March 28, 2005
A mix between being retarded and conflicted. Generally stupid or goofy acting.
Frank thinks dating a married woman is exciting. He is so reflicted!
by Mandy March 18, 2005
a worthy cause. doctors that go around t 3rd world countries and help sick kids who can't afford doctors.
doctors without borders does al ot of work in africa
by mandy December 09, 2003
a company that makes toothpaste and all hygene products.
my dad works at colgate
by mandy November 20, 2003
Rockstar North's personal '80's rock band in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
"Love Fist are in town...Love Fist is in town...whatever, I flunked school 'cuz I'm hardcore."
by Mandy October 01, 2003
gross fatass, 90 chin havin' loser who's so fat he sweats butter. Use to make nsync take kitty porn pictures. and i heard hit nick carter from the back a few times. nasty old fart who steals childrens mney, candy, and come to think of it anything else remotley edible.
nsync's jc chasez- i want to beat the shit out of lou pearlmans obese ass!
nsync's justin timberlake i wanna kill that mo'fo!
nsync's chris kirkpatrick- no need for the violence kids, he'll be gettin a heartattack in about 2.4 seconds.
by mandy August 05, 2004
Batuhan is a amazing hott hott kid he's the coolest mother fucker in Medford
Kid-That kid can speak turkish
Kid 2-yea that's because he's bat and he's amazing
by Mandy April 07, 2005

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