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when you fill the blunt up, all the way. like, really stuff that blunt.
put that quarter in a goddy and smoke that shit.
by mandy January 27, 2005
Inaal rabak is an Arabic expression means "the shoe of god", used in Hebrew to express disapointment or fury.
Inaal rabak! I can't find my teddy bear!

A: We can't go to eat humus at Alfasy's...
B: Shit, Inaal rabak!
by mandy April 01, 2005
Expression of coolness
j00 are teh fonkey, yo!
by Mandy October 01, 2003
The 10% |_337 version of the word sexy. Means just the same as sexy, but is more fun to use.
j00, are a s3xy biotch!
by Mandy October 01, 2003
A famous ..pianist. ihs grandson, also thelonius monk is a cool kid with a camo jacket. goes to my highschool.
whoa lok, theres thelonius monk with his sidekick, that kid is so awesoem. i want a camo jacket just like his!
by mandy December 13, 2004
kk Im 14 yrs old and i dont go any of the shit... i have about 40 on each arm...when i guy breaks it i tell the to **** off and get a life the ones that mean hug or sumthin i dont care but the rest hell ya! here are the meaning at my school'
red:make out
Blue:lap dance
Pink:oral sex
Green:eating out
glow in the dark: use of sex toys
orange:doggy style
purple: tittysex
white/clear:anything they want

The rest i forget!! it will all be over soon and a new fad will be in
by mandy November 26, 2004
the battle cry of the clan macrae of scottish decent. it means fight to death.
"sgurr orhean", he cried running into the clan mcdonald
by mandy March 31, 2005

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