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The sexy lead singer/guitarist and main song writer of the band Ok Go. attended Brown university and studied possibly the most useless thing ever, semiotics.I mean really, in what way could anyone possibly use that in their life? ever?(other than for making such awesome films as Velvet Goldmine)

He's a fantastic songwriter with a pretty awesome understanding of melody. rocks so hard on stage he perpetually rips his pants.

Used to work for NPR. has sexy hair. is almost thirty but looks about 25. Talks really weird. If he were gay would be hot with rufus wainwright. continues to make an appearance in the sexually charged fantasies of college aged girls.

Has really long forearm.um...what else. is really into patterns right now (circa the relase of Oh No). Does most of Ok Go's interviews. Is incredibly manic, digresses more than any normal person and is absolutely hilarious.
m: I liek chemistry
a: i like Damian Kulash
m: i like Damian and chemistry...win.
a: actually no because chemistry makes you a total dork.
by Mandy May 05, 2006
a vagina
look at my punane
by mandy November 09, 2003
a summer action flick, not monumental, a good waste of time
Van Helsing was such a popcorn movie.
by Mandy May 21, 2004
An awesome melodic rock band with really creative and generally random songs. They have two albums thus far. 2002 self titled debut and the 2005 Oh No. Both are fantastic, however, Oh No is a little more grown up if you will. less shiny if you will a little more than you had before.

consist of four parts:
damian kulash -hot lead singer/guitarist that talks a little weird, but he's really hot so it's okay...like he also has a lisp, and his voice vacillates between being really light and really deep during the course of one conversation.
Tim Nordwind- the bassist, who is also quite awesome, jewish and wears black rimmed glasses. pretty much your average nerd.
Dan Konopka - pretty awesome drummer. looks Italian. probably is. i've never seen or heard him speak in a single interview.
Andy Ross- the hot new guitarist. damn he's hot. i've never heard him talk in my entire life as a fan.
M: i really like Ok Go's new album
A: really?
M: yep
A: alright.
by Mandy May 05, 2006
something a spider makes to live in. it is made up of lines of silky shit that come out of the spider's ass
the spider in charlottes web made spider webs with words in them
by mandy March 31, 2005
1.)Int: a phrase used to define the state of okayness
1.)Okie Dokie Artichokie, I'll see you later then.
by Mandy September 07, 2004
Shmegma is a waxy like white stuff that is on the uncircumsized penis, and if not cleaned daily it will get very cake like and start to smell.
Your shmegma smells!
by mandy August 05, 2003

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