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89 definitions by mandy

Edinburgh dialect meaning 'you know'
used a lot by literary character Danny "spud" Murphy from Trainspotting the book.
It's just the way things are catboy, likesay.
by mandy August 30, 2005
90 16
a stick (usually plastic) with bristles that you use to clean your teeth with.
"Stop cleaning the toilet with my toothbrush!", said Mr. Bean.
by mAndy November 21, 2003
114 52
To have anal sex. Usually used when referring to gay males. This term is from one male packing (with his penis) the other male's fudge (fecal matter) up his anus.
"So, son... When you say you like to fudgepack... Does that mean you want to go into the ice cream business?"
by Mandy February 15, 2003
85 24
(A)Someone who has a balance between an indie and an emo.
(B)A Homogenous blend of: A tree loving, beaded bracelet acoustic rocker and chuck taylor hightops, hooded black sweetshirt, dyed side bangs emotional high-pitched singer
(C) a really awesome band
Bohemians also known as "BoHo's"
by Mandy January 29, 2005
75 16
A amazing singer with a fabulous voice. he's also a really awesome song writer. his best album is "Poses" followed closly by "Want I" a real cute guy with awesome sideburns but unfortunatly for me an all girls alike, he's very gay.
gosh i wish Rufus Wainwright wasn't so gay, then i'd do him while he sang "Instant pleasure" to me.
by Mandy December 31, 2004
73 24
expressing denial or refusal; saying "no"
Did you see the game yesterday? negaTRON.
by Mandy March 28, 2005
66 22
when you are titty fucking or getting a blow job and you cum, obviously not in the chicks mouth but on her chest and neck. it drips down the side and creates something looking like a pearl necklace made of cum.
"i hope he enjoyed it...i had to clean up that damn pearl necklace"
by mandy March 31, 2005
410 370