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most gorgous men in the world, all 6ft tall dark hair, light eyes, tanned golden skin asif like a fish!lol! most beautiful bodies like they've mean swimming in the sea all day!
A great example no doubt is Mario Ancic, Hey and I'm Croatian so I'd better go and get me one of those croatian men!
by Mala April 04, 2005
to be out of luck; left without something.
if you get to the dinner table five minutes late, you will be ass out. those kids are hungry!
by mala May 17, 2004
Amazing, awesome or excellent. The very best.
<i>This vegan chocolate cake is the tomb ride, man.</i>
by mala April 23, 2004
to engage in sexual activities. similar to "get (one') swerve on."
<i>i pushed him off me when he tried to get on for some because i was hella tired.</i>
by mala April 23, 2004
verb: to get angry and vocal about it.
<i>Oooh, if he does that one more time, I'm gonna go straight street on his ass."</i>
by mala April 23, 2004
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