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When a "non-farmer" city guy goes to his room to masturbate.
Hey dude, where you off to? I'm thinking about heading upstairs to milk the cow.
by ma6netic April 08, 2009
When a guy or a chick pulls off their shirt and out plops their belly in slow motion, rolling right over their waistband.
After having sex all night with this chick from my local bar, I woke up to her standing in front of the mirror playing with her rollover.
by ma6netic February 04, 2010
Generally, a person's stomach region where most people would like to have a sixpack, but in a major fail... really have a zeropack, as in no visible abdominal muscles.
Did you see that guy hogging the mirror today, trying to flex his Zeropack? The funniest thing I have ever seen.
by ma6netic February 04, 2010
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