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A Persian word meaning fart in English.
Was that a gooz? Shame on you!
by Moo November 26, 2004
Something that, if returned, will make you the happiest person in the world, and make nothing else matter. however, if it is not returned you will become the most miserable person in the world. other than that, i cna't really define it.
i've been in love with her for 10 years, and i can't help it, and she doesn't love me back. it kinda sucks ass-crack.
by moo February 15, 2005
A person who isn't perticularly good at video games, so they just mash random buttons on the controler, hoping that they do something right. A tactic that works best in fighting games.
My friend is such a button masher. I wish he'd play the game right for once.
by Moo February 06, 2005
A good Shakespearean-sounding curse.
Derived from "God's Wounds", which apparently was considered a vulgar reference to Jesus at the time.
zounds! I am undone!
by Moo August 25, 2003
a romanian goddess; a hott hott bootylicious mama from the land of the Dracul
If you would be my Ligia, I would worship you forever
by moo March 17, 2005
A fud-rucking great series made by Krinkels
Madness Combat fucking pwns you
by Moo February 04, 2004
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