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it is someone who wanks and cum's in a matter of seconds
adam came out and said ive just cumed in 12 seconds just 2 seconds off my personal best. i better get ready for next weeks speed wank compotition
by lukeboi June 28, 2006
a womans quim thats very fishy
mark said i went to go down on that girl the over night but she had a bad fishy one
by lukeboi December 08, 2006
a womans virgina that is very loose and saggy
i fucked this woman at the weekend but she did have a saggy bat cave said ravi
by lukeboi December 08, 2006
when takin a crap and comes out as the shape of a hula hoop its a poolaloop
michael sat on the toilet and made some big poolahoops
by lukeboi November 28, 2006
part beer and then instead of lemonade its douche juice
sam how much douche juice do you want in your douche shandy
by lukeboi November 24, 2006
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