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Lords Resistance Army are a bunch of pillaging child-abductors who bastardize religion in Uganda to manipulate, brutally torture and slaughter children all in the name of overthrowing a government unwilling to squash them.
The US-based organization "Invisible Children", inspired by the film "Rough Cut" has raised awareness about child soldiery in Uganda and demanded that international armies work to disarm the LRA.
by sammetsfan March 29, 2010
28 7
Stands for Long Ranged Ass Slap. Yell it to friends too far for you to slap their ass.
Guy 1: See ya later man *walks away*

Guy 2: Bye! LRAS!
by BananaHammockMo March 12, 2010
3 1
the music school "London Rock Academy" that is for teens in london, england, UK!!....and its bare safe tings aliie xx (LMAO :D)
tom: i play guitar but i dont have a band. and i dont know how to meet people who would be in a band. what should i do?

toms mom: well son, you should go to LRA and you can meet loads of kids like yourself.
by LRA student :D July 21, 2008
1 19