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A person who poses to be a poser just to get attention. Usually has no social group and little to no friends.
Whats his face is such a poser poser! Just stick to a damn group.
by lordethal December 19, 2006
The next generation in gaming. Better graphics and gameplay the the wii and 360. It, though expensive, will out do any other system pre 2012.It costs a lot but it is worth every penny. most people say ps3 sucks only in blindness in rage over their obsession with the hatred towards playstation as a company.
tom: my playstation 3 makes the wii and 360 look like crap.

chris (360 fan): NO!!!....its just better

fred (wii fan): yeah...we suck
by lordethal December 22, 2006
A term used by nerds. "You are out of the band" is used to make fun of a person even though there is no actual band to be kicked out of.
richard: tony, your out of the band

tony: What band?

richard: The band
by lordethal April 03, 2007
A word used to replace the word "masterbate". And visa-versa. Used very frequesntly in certain areas in small groups but not widly known of.
I started clapping for a while after watching my favorite vid. Jimmy likes to masterbate when he approves a message.
by lordethal December 19, 2006
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