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9 definitions by lora

the ultimate in cool. there's nothing cooler than this. its an adjective to cool, which is an adjective!?
thats a slinkster-cool convertable!
by Lora July 13, 2003
The opposite of weaksauce:
1.something that is cool.
2.someone that is cool
1. "oh that's so sweetsauce."
2. "She is so sweetsauce"

Can be used as "sweetishsauce" or "coolsauce"
by lora June 09, 2004
this is a place that sells fish. a very good fish shop to go to is the craigish and lauraish fish shop which is situated in cock-a-mouth.they make some dam good fish i would suggest you go there. the fish smells nice....
"wheres your fish shop?"
" .... excuse me"
"i said COCK A MOUTH"
by lora December 21, 2004
i like lightbulbs. therefore i like homebase as they sell light bulbs. go to homebase!
The dust collects on light bulbs,Whatever shall we do?
I tried to clean it with a duster,
But it turned to sticky goo.

The light used to shine so brightly,
But now it’s gone away.
It seems as though the darkness,
Is here to always to stay.

What happened to my light bulb?
It used to shine so bright.
Now it’s always dark here,
What happened to the light?
The dust it is so dusty,
Believe me when I say,
Dust your light bulbs daily,
Or you will truly pay.
by lora December 21, 2004
a buff head band <3 marcius <3
hey loook its marcius isnt he hot!
by lora December 21, 2004
eine word tht german ppl use a lot
hey look over there tht supermarket ist hypercool

jah jah jah
by lora August 31, 2004
if you ever need a list making talk to craig or laura because they are very good at making list
our lists are cool our lists are great lalalala lists
by lora December 21, 2004