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1. Home of the bogan population of Sydney.
2. Home to bogans of all shapes and sizes.
3. A.K.A. Boganville
Shane is from Berowra, he is a BOGAN!!
by General Consensus March 24, 2003
the coolest place in the word
I'm so jealous of all the peoople who get to live in berowra
by Bogan February 28, 2005
A hole, space with little to no life.
Dude this place is like Berowra, except worse
by Kal March 22, 2004
1. North of sydney, generally called a hole by most people.
2. Majority of the population are called bogans.
3. A hole with nothing in it exept a coles and a few ovals.
Wan't to come to berowra tomorrow?

You mean the hole, filled with bogans?


What will we do?

Umm.. good point, there is nothing there.

Lets go to hornsby instead.

Yeah, it's so much cooler than berowra
#berowra #bogan #hole #hornsby #north #sydney #ovals #coles
by johnnytucker April 01, 2009
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