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The opposite of weaksauce:
1.something that is cool.
2.someone that is cool
1. "oh that's so sweetsauce."
2. "She is so sweetsauce"

Can be used as "sweetishsauce" or "coolsauce"
by lora June 09, 2004
something that you are agreeing with or that you like
Do you want to go to the movies?
answer: sweet sauce
That store was so sweet sauce
by Evyn March 07, 2006
something that is amazing in all respects
It's pretty sweet sauce when you buy me a water ice and I didn't even ask for it.
by TheSierra September 04, 2007
Something to be good or positive. A comical way of saying awesome.
Girl: I got an awsome new car!
Boy: Sweet sauce, thats great!
by connor1414 January 30, 2009
When something happens that is at once both sweet and saucy, it becomes sweet sauce.
"Dude, I just burped the entire Romanian alphabet in a blues scale."

"Sweet Sauce!"
by Chris Burrows March 10, 2008
Thecoolest way to say "sweet".
Dude, that was so sweet sauce.
by Jasmine Elyse September 20, 2005
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