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the fucking man, also know as a variation of duff man.
damn you just fucked up five guys by yourself and fucked there moms, haha you pulled a zchau
by LM January 21, 2005
it is soo doesnt mean yes(eg. i am doing something) or wateva, its just like yehh aiite cool .
i agree it is a word u can use for basically anythin but not as in u coming tonight...tru...thats just gay.
as in oi that guys hot aye....tru.
i went to the city today how bout u....oh yeh tru me too/tru i bummed at home.
etc etc
by lm April 02, 2005
Jebus is indescribable. And short. But we love him anyway.
1. Never play online with jebus. He always uses the 'walk on water' hack
3. 'Missed the bugger'
by LM July 07, 2004
Excessive emotional and ego investment in an online message board or forum; a marked tendency to continue to argue one's point even after losing a debate in such a forum.
SuperFascist wouldn't let the argument go; he was clearly having e-penis issues.
by LM December 12, 2003
See Suikoden. Alternatively, play Suikoden, and Suikoden II whilst you're at it.
That Riou spreads so much more sedition than our Tir.
by LM July 07, 2004
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