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Sexual acts between two young ladies. They may or may not be in a relationship, and they may or may not even be lesbian or bisexual or even into girls. It doesn't matter. The hottest kind of sex is girlsex.
"Michi...I had girlsex last night!"
by lizzi May 18, 2005
The awesome music in a porno. Tacky and delightful. Sounds like untz or bow chicka WOW wow.
dude, this porn groove is classic.
by lizzi May 19, 2005
Smelly and rank. As if you had run around in the sun all day with a wool sweater on, then slept in the jungle, then woke up the next day and did it all over again, without showerin: you would smell pretty gamey.
Dude...put some deoderant on, you're pretty gamey.
by lizzi May 19, 2005
Internet speak for vagina.
Person 1: What are you eating?
Person 2: ({.})
by lizzi May 19, 2005
Deliciously cheap vodka in a plastic bottle. The bottle even has a handle! Tastes like death but after the first two or three shots, well, you don't really care, do you. Interestingly enough, this is also when you stop caring about the 2005 election and start singing awesome '80s hair metal songs. Smells like nailpolish remover, probably tastes like it too, but for $12 a bottle how could you go wrong?
Dude, I'll sell you what's left of my Gordon's for $10. Ah, screw it: let's just drink it tonight.
by lizzi May 18, 2005
1. Of or relating to the show of the same name. Starring Richard Dean Anderson, aka Sexy Beast.

2. To fix or construct something using only the materials at hand, such as a paper clip and a drinking straw. Requires awesome sKILLz.
1. SpikeTV is awesome because they show four hours of Star Trek followed by one hour of McGyver every weekday.

2. I mcgyvered the window so it wouldn't leak anymore.
by lizzi May 19, 2005
The awkward bulge you get when you sit down while wearing jeans.
Is that your fenis, or are you just happy to see me?
by lizzi May 18, 2005

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