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Smelly and rank. As if you had run around in the sun all day with a wool sweater on, then slept in the jungle, then woke up the next day and did it all over again, without showerin: you would smell pretty gamey.
Dude...put some deoderant on, you're pretty gamey.
by lizzi May 19, 2005
You know how "bad" means "good"? Well, gamey means, in the words of Benefit:

So nice that it's nasty
So bangin it's bustin
So sweet that it's sick
So dope it's disgusting.

Gamey people are so far beyond the current lingo of the day. Stick "epic" up your game hole!
Step aside, proles, here come the most gamey bitchez ever!!
by catspiracy July 19, 2011
A word used to describe a bird that simply by looking at her you know she's fond of the cock
Here Dunner check out that minx from kilkenny, she's gamey.

PL im off to bed, p.s. Gamey bird has sparkly knickers
by PLLLLLLLLL July 02, 2009
Used by bi-sexual/homosexuals in replacement of saying something is "gay".

Shows that the person using the term "gay" is in fact gay themselves.
God damn it I got stung...thats ga(me)y
by Anon_1985 July 06, 2009
A woman that is particularly attractive, sexy or hot.

Also, a woman who you know, just by looking at her, would give you a very solid seeing too.
"Check out that girl over there! She's gamey as balls."

"I scored a girl last night."
"Was she gamey?"
by Mogll November 13, 2011
The feeling you get when fucking an animals eye socket.
That deer made me feel sooooooo gamey last night!
by animals <3 April 18, 2011
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