Top Definition
1) to be a Mohr
2) to make yourself a Mohr

Both are expressions if you were drunk and did somethng really stupid. Namend after Sebastian Mohr, who did stuff like:
-burnin his house
-gettin hit by a car
-fell asleep next to his dog
Person1: Damn boy, you were really drunk last night!!!
Person2: can't remember shit
Person1: man you really were a mohr last night! You fill in some embarrasing or stupid action

When i came home last night i really made a mohr out of myself when i felt down the stairs.
by Dr.Med.denRasen July 23, 2007
A fucks who likes to give C's in P.E.
I just got fucked by Mohr on my report card.
by Billy Smith April 22, 2004

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