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A computing or networking architecture suggested by the marketing department for sales purposes rather than for technical reasons. Cisco calls them "reference designs".
The oldest mention of "markitecture" I can find dates back from 1990 :

CA 90s was characterized as a "markitecture" by Jeff Schulman, vice president and analyst with the Gartner Group, Stamford, Conn. "It is a marketing architecture, a statement of direction. It does not specify when products will be delivered, or which products will map to the architecture. It does not help users in a specific sense, only in a general sense".
by liotier February 26, 2010
(From bling+geek) - dim person and sadly misguided individual who strives to achieve geekdom through ostentatious consumption of technological bling.
Mobile gadgetry fanboys who post flame each other on Engadget and Gizmodo are bleek.

Photography forum users who sign each post with their complete hardware inventory are bleek.
by liotier September 21, 2011

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