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Pronunciation: \giz-mō-dō\
Function: noun, verb
Date: 2010

1) v: To reveal trade secrets or intellectual property without consent from the owner.

2) v: To gain from another's loss, OR To lose from another's gain.

3) n: Gadget tech enthusiast web-blog.
"Ahh, fuck that broseph just Gizmodo'd us!"
"Stop Gizmodo-ing me and give me my change back!"
"WTF?... You put MY bike on eBay? Why you tryin' to Gizmodo me?"
by Finders Keeper April 22, 2010
40 19
tech website with reviews and things that are important to the people that read it
"I'm glad I saw gizmodo before i bought that HD-DVD player"
by nicknicknicknick7 February 28, 2008
41 35