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some one who sponges everything out of you even your last breath given have the chance
" hey you wanna watchg that jonny c, he ll try take the lot of ya if your not carefull, hes a right parasite"
by legend13 April 13, 2010
someone who taps all your drinks, fags and eats you out of house and home , never pays you back, then when uve ran out leaves to freeload off some one else.
look at that mark g, hes been here all night, turned up empty handed and drank the fridge dry, hes a right bloody freeloader.
by legend13 April 21, 2010
All time greats only beaten in status by god himself, Legends will be rememered for centuries to come for all the great heroic things they did in life
' man have you seen BD, DA and LY over there, cant believe there on it again and looking so fresh and hot, there absolute LEGENDS '
by legend13 May 11, 2010
Bondie - a term used to descibe someone who turns up at partys and steals peoples fags and drink, annoys the hell out of you and your guests and only leaves when someone has had enough of them and snaps, think you best leave like now mate, go on do one
oh no, who invited this idiot to the party, hes come empty handed, just seen him taking a beer and and seen him rifling peoples fags, and why the hell does he keep speaking in weird voices, man hes defentailey a Bondie
by legend13 August 09, 2010
someone who has the power in his fist to stop rhinos in there tracks, infact legend has it the power of their punch has been known to decapitate its victims!!
hey lad, dont mess with that yorkie, hes just slotted someone and they were out cold for 3 hours, man i reckon he has the legenderry Rhino Stopper fist
by legend13 May 17, 2010
someone who goes to the gym but instead of working out looks at all the other hunks and wishes he was them or getting into them
check coleman out (aka christian), hes that pumped up he looks like jay jones, he goes in some right moods, must be suffering from roid rage
by legend13 April 30, 2010
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