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degenerative, age-related disease that impairs an individual's ability to procrastinate, often brought on by fits of responsibility and consideration for the time of others, ultimately resulting in being on time for any appointment or deadline.
He used to say he'd be there in 10 minutes, which I knew meant an hour, but he was actually there in 10! His ontheimer's must be setting in.

I think her retirement triggered her ontheimer's. Marriage might be the only cure, or a subscription to a cute kittens channel on YouTube.
by layer14 April 29, 2010
One who tags regions of a digital photograph with incorrect, inappropriate, or disrespectful captions.
Joey just tagged me as "bitch" in that photo. He's such a tagass.

Some tagasses spammed all of my online photos with profanity.
by layer14 July 24, 2008
The act of taging a photo or group of photos in digital photo albums.
I rushed that tagjob and mislabeled 20 of my friends.

Thanks for the great tagjob! Now I know the names of everyone in the picture.

With 800 photos, I've got a big tagjob ahead of me.
by layer14 July 24, 2008

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