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n/v to fart or pass flachalence
Wow, I never want to be in the car with JackRat when he fishbowls his quelches! Stuff makes me gag...

Sometimes when I quelch whilst sitting with my legs closed, the air bubbles pop thru my thighs...its actually a little humorous.
by laxdallmus4 August 04, 2010
(phrase) Twist from the line in the movie 'The Ringer'- "Oh my lanta". Credit to Billy the character who speaks it gloriously (You scratched my CD!). Used for when something is not going according to plan or when in a bad situation
(after waking up from a nap and being completely sunburnt)...Oh my lantis! I'm burnt to a crisp, apple crisp in fact!
by laxdallmus4 August 04, 2010
adj interesting, cool, a likeable or enjoyable thing
I feel totally peen after that 2 g doochie!

These beats are peen, hit me up on mojo, Kid!
by laxdallmus4 August 04, 2010

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