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(1)Any substance used as lubrication for male masturbation. (2)Jack Jelly: A specific masturbation product for men in the Gun Oil line by Empowered Products, Inc.
My aunts hand lotion made lousy jack jelly.
by lanstopher March 05, 2009
(1)An ever-present, overly persistent and/or unwanted suitor or friend of a male. (2)A stalker.
man 1: Who's that fat chick that keeps hanging around you?
man 2: Some fucking cock barnacle that won't leave me alone.

man 3: Hey, man are we hanging tonight or what?
man 4: Relax dude! We aren't married. Why you gotta be such a damn cock barnacle?
by lanstopher March 05, 2009
A flatulent resulting from trapped air, which enters a sexual orifice durring vigorous intercourse, escapes durring copulation.
I pounded that ass so fast, it let the loudest fuck-fart I'd ever heard!
by lanstopher March 05, 2009

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