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A thing on facebook that tells the world what you are thinking about at the moment. Most of the time it is filled with a bunch of shit from whiny emo kids and spoiled brat teenage girls that worship their cell phone more than God. And once in a while a college hangover or some "hard" homework assignment to bitch about lets say you have to read pages 349-427 in your history book. Big deal.

But sometimes you have something interesting worth talking about, such as I got a new Ford Mustang but 98% involves pissing and moaning. Worst with women with PMS.
Typical facebook status updates: I lost my phone :(

New phone :)
Call me or text me...I'm bored :(
FML :'(
Had a kickass partay last night
I love McDonalds
Dear phone, please come back!anni
What you don't see too often:
Learned a few song on m guitar today
by Kyle 230 May 15, 2010
Stuff that you think looks beautiful in December but when March rolls around you are sick of the stuff.
December 4: Oh, look it is snowing. How lovely for the holidays
March 4: I am sick of this fucking snow. When will it ever get spring and melt that goddamm stuff. I hate shoveling.
by Kyle 230 December 07, 2009
Will be one kickass year. It will be one of the best years in recent memories and it will be the eye of the storm before 2011 and 2012. I think things are going to get a little queasy during 2011 and of course, 2012 will be close Armageddon, but not the end times. We will survive 2012.

Willl be the best year since 2007 and it will be a lot like the carefree times of 2004 and 2005. Maybe the health care industry might go down the tubes in 2010 if Obamacare was passed or we won't get some big fat terrorist attack, which will unlikely happen imo but for the rest...the usual hurricane and dead Pope type stuff like 05. Nothing really to worry about.
2010 for sure will pwn 2009s ass. Celebrity deaths, wannabe terriorists, and swine flu. I have enough.
by Kyle 230 January 01, 2010
Oversatured crap that is shoved right at us whether we like it or not and is very ignorant of people really like to watch. A lot of people rather watch something more intelligent than South Park, Family Guy, and Andy Griffith. We would like to see music videos, real comedians than this fake Jeff Duhman crap, not told that the world is going to end, and who gives a fuck about Hannah Montana. The quality stuff is on premium service (of course) or over the internet.
Nothing good on Cable TV...fuck five full hours of Bonanza reruns, lets turn on the internet.
by Kyle 230 February 09, 2010
This is a bunch of kids that are born from 1991-present that are pretty clean cut and Disneyfied. They grew up with Disney and don't know life without something related to Disney shoved to them. They were born with The Lion King, then they are shoved Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, High School Musical. These kids act like they came off the Disney channel and they are soccer momed
It must be these Disney kids. They don't like weed, they don't drink, and they jack off to Hilary Duff.
by Kyle 230 October 04, 2010
R&B music that lacks soul and emotion and has similar to ringtone rap. Lots of pop and hip-hop elements and usually sings about "ma shawty", "ma boo" with a random Ayyyyy.
The Dream is ringtone R&B. Joe is real R&B.
by Kyle 230 December 07, 2009
The chicks you see on Urban Dictionary that are basically the hottest teenage girls on the planet that wear stupid tees that could be found at a swap meat.
Man I wanna fuck this Urbandictionary diva selling this crappy shirt about mowing the lawn.
by Kyle 230 July 28, 2009

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