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shoving your peins all the way in during a blowjob, so it goes into the girls throat.
that bitch took my whole dick in her mouth, she can really deepthroat!
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
someone's tongue in your asshole, for sexual pleasure.
she gives a good rim job
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
An erect penis. Named for Arkansas senator Warwick J. Boner, who infamously got an erection durring a sentate hearing with Red Cross founder Clara "Milk Juggs" Barton.
"Look at those sweet, milky juggs on Clara Barton!"
"Don't pull a boner, dude!"
by Kyle Marx April 29, 2006
what you say to someone when you're fresh out of clever retorts. (also, lick me sack)
some smart guy: "In my opinion your mother is a whore."
you: "Lick my sack."
by kyle marx April 15, 2003
a large, hairy scrotum.
nigga, yo monkey nuts be stinking up my crib! you best wash that stank off!
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
guy that looks like a girl. could be a girl?
is that a guy? no, it's a manigma!
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
male masturbator.
that loser is such a cock puller, he just sits around in his momma's basement playing with himself.
by kyle marx April 10, 2003

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