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2 definitions by krystal11

a stereotyped image. yes most girls are tan ( because of the sun and warm weather), but most girls aren't the ditzy stereotype. Most aren't rich, i live in san diego and i dont know any rich people. we like to have fun and laugh a lot. besides, if were so ditzy and terrible, why does everyone want to be/ date us? they make songs about us. noone cares about a montana girl ( no offense). we are fun loving, happy, and smart girls that are blessed with the sun and good skin/ good bodies. so dont be jealous!
Urma- Wow! Your so pretty! and so sun-kissed! How did you do out here in rhode island?

Kristina- I spent a lot of time at the beach when i lived in San Diego, that southern cali weather is just so amazing!

Urma- Your such a California Girl, always fun-loving and happy
by Krystal11 August 18, 2010
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kind of an asshole. he doesn't speak well and he's weird. he may be homeless. cunt-licker and an asshat. but lesbihonest he has a huge dick.
Simon: We should hang out
any female: fuck you and your lice because your homeless
by krystal11 February 02, 2013
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