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an artificial penis that is a replacement if for some reason your penis is severed.
"Hey you wanna see what i can do with my dick arm!"
by krookedcrow July 17, 2006
Crack pipe smoking. Smoke from a "glass dick"
"dude i went to Tyrone's, and there was so much penis smoke in the room."
by krookedcrow July 15, 2006
A board that you show a person, and they magically run the fuck into it, causing severe head trauma.
"Tony pissed me off, so i showed him my fucking head bang board."
by krookedcrow July 17, 2006
To show your balls to another, by tucking them under your ass.

Often used in a childish game to show another your balls without them knowing. Depending on technique you will be able to kick them in the ass multiple times.
"Dude,I totally goated that fucker!"
by krookedcrow July 15, 2006

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