used to replace any action, name, or describing word
You are such a stupid boapher!!! You're the boaphiest person I've ever met!
You're boaphing up the wrong tree,
What the boaph!?!?!? (WTB?!?!?)
by Kristin November 13, 2003
Same as kristin said!! to replace any actions, or words, or as to use as a curse word!; if u are surprised use the word waboaph!
your such a boaphing boapher! your mother-boapher! Your boaphing up the wrong tree mister!! boaph off!! boaph you! that's so boaphy! WABOAPH!!!! Kristin is such a boapher! (lol! jk kristin!! )
by Kristina December 19, 2003

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