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Someone who is disliked. Known to be an idiot.
Yo' motha is a fart jockey.
by Kris March 14, 2004
Something you get in soccer if you do something the ref doesnt like. Yellow Card is not a band. yellowcard is a band. Please get this straight. If you are searching for the band in google, do not type in yellow card because it will bring up soccer sites.
Our team racked up the yellow cards this season.
by Kris February 17, 2004
1. Telling somebody to suck your dick.

2. Telling somebody to bow to you.

3. The act of proposing marriage.
You better hit your knees, bitch.
by Kris July 27, 2004
a white kid who thinks he untouchable as long as he's strapped with a cell phone
not the kind of guy for nicole
by Kris January 21, 2005
When a patron that isn't of legal drinking age enters an establishment before it transitions from restaurant status to bar/club status thus bypassing ID checks at the door.
Geoff: "Grant, let's all go celebrate your birthday at that new establishment and get you really drunk so your girlfriend can take full advantage of you."
Grant: "But my girlfriend isn't legal drinking age yet."
Geoff: "No worries, lets get there early and she can use the grandfather clause."
Grant: "That seems appropriate."
Kris: "People do that."
Nicole: "That makes sense."
Geoff: "I'm sure there's no science to support that."
by Kris April 29, 2011
can be used in a number of ways. most frequently used to say goodbye to someone or as a replacement for words like cool. used in the telford and wrekin area of england
i'll ring u in a bish
by Kris April 15, 2004
To remove all Canadian references from a motion picture filmed in Canada in order to make you perceive it was filmed in the United States.
Bob: Did you fuzz out the license plates and remove all the "aye"s from that film before it airs on the Lifetime Network?

Lisa: Yes, that film was de-canadianized in post-production already.
by Kris November 04, 2007

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