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a potion, usually blue, that restores a characters MP or MANA. Very typical in RPG's.
Oh no, my mage is running out of MP. he needs a mana potion if he wants to cast any more thunder spells
by krevin April 22, 2007
sexual intercourse, usually with an attractive female.
if a gay guy asks you to go to his birthday party you should go because theres always like 9283920391039120491 girls there and no straight guys so you can get some mad pussy action
by krevin June 02, 2007
a 7ft by 7 ft by 7ft box made of thick, soundproof steel with no light or sound filled a couple inches high with dense salt water. the user lies down, floating on the water. with the senses cut off, the user has no way to know whats going on, and the body enters a state of panic. shortly after, the user will have an out of body experience.
if your gonna use an isolation chamber, have a babysitter. set a timer and have the baby sitter take you out when the timer goes off
by krevin June 23, 2007

dude can be used anywhere 'man' can
Person A: DUDE! Ciara's so hot!
Person B: Yeah, except shes a dude.
by krevin June 02, 2007
similar to a roadjob, but the driver is giving the dome.
sure, the roadjob+ is dangerous, but its totally worth it man!
by krevin June 09, 2007
vocal reinacment of pornographic film
porn sucks, all it is anymore is:
"Guy: i'm hear to clean your pool
Girl: but i don't have a pool!
by krevin June 01, 2007
the non-lyrical musical accompaniment to any rap/hip hop song.
Max drops beats like nobodies business
by krevin May 25, 2007
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