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a person whos face is story time. a log case typically tries to be someone else's goal in life and just keeps changing friends and getting new goals until he never achieves any of them and resorts to mowing because he cant afford a holiday
cow: moo
burt: yeahhhh jimmys
mick: moo
cow: you got a light man
tower: lol i havent spoken to you in ages lol
cow, burt, mick: WTF MAN
ryan: oh nothing i just mowed my fingers off
cow: lol ok im going to mexico to sell prizes from this log case
by kp1 May 11, 2008
A form of kudos given to someone who is a ninja at finding things on the internet, or placing internet pop culture references.
Kane: Dude, I actually found a .txt copy of that book that was in episode 2 of that show i forgot the name of!

Ken: Many internets to you my son.
by kp1 June 25, 2009
any fruit that looks like a penis, if you eat it you have a 9 in 10 nutritionist chance of being a homo. cockfruit can also describe the person eating the fruit itself.
kane: man your a total cockfruit
ryan: commits suicide by jumping in front of a speeding mower

kane: nice selection of cockfruits you got their for lunch man
ryan: commits suicide by jumping in front of a speeding mower
by kp1 May 11, 2008
When you dial someones number but then decide against it but it's too late, their phone actually rings for a split second.
Ken: *ring* *reaches for phone* Ah Damn it.

Kane: Don't worry bro, probably just a mission call.

Ken: Yeah Josh just realized he had something better to do.
by kp1 June 25, 2009

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