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n. A rather butch, or manish young woman that tries to be friendly or funny, but only succeeds in being annoying. Typically, a group of people making fun of a buzzsaw will warn each other of her arrival by making a buzzing sound. The phrase, "Sun's out, guns out" may also be entoned in such a situation.

The word may also be used as a proper noun if only one such young woman is typically ever referenced.
"If you hadn't told me, I would have mistaken that buzzsaw for an annoying man"
"Can you believe what Buzzsaw said in class today?"
by KP July 14, 2004
The greatest band ever. Bert has the greatest range of vocals from fuckin insane screams that'll knock you onto your ass, to melodious sounds that'll make event he most of hardcore kids want to cry! Without them i would be dead...they get me through my days
Bert, Quinn, Jeph and Brandon are all the sexiest men alive...don't try to compete
by kp May 16, 2004
Pissy Bitch
You are really being a PB.
by KP May 08, 2002
Used primarily toward another person whom is over-eager, or overly active in speech and gesture.
"take it easy big fella" or "slow down, you hyperactive wacko"
by KP December 30, 2003
also referred to as "ed". never says anything but "fuck you/shuddup" and "im sooo fucked, i hate ms daniels"
Hey Ed whats up?

Shuddup! I'm fucked with my homework.
by KP November 09, 2003
another word for pencil; center of the contreversy in the book Frindle
During her peak hour of fury, Lorelai wrote a slam book about her back stabbing "friends" in frindle.
by Kp November 13, 2004
The Most Beautiful Vietnamese Young Women In The World. As Known As liLvietladiEs <3
lvL? u mean LIL VIET LADIES?!
by kP June 13, 2004

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