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absolutely mentally putrid. a feverishly gross appearance, idea, or occurence.
steve: you want to go to the nets game with my grandfather?
friend: bruvva that idea is absodefinitely disgrossting.
by kovstar February 22, 2007
2 male buddies who are rather inseparable. Very into their friendship, not to say that they are homoerotic, but just extremely entwined.
Gary: yo lets hit this bar its got $1 teq till midnight. tell paul and kenny
Leeland: ehh paul and kenny are in a friggin maleationship i wouldnt be surprised if they didnt pick up the cell and went bowling
by kovstar February 22, 2007
its the proper way for a male to make a promise without having to embarrass himself using the word "promise", or even worse "pinky swear"
Ladyfriend: honey do you promise you will show up at my cousins baseball game?

Hunky Male: baby, absodefinitely, i will be there absodefinitely and you can take that to the grave. youre hot.
by kovstar December 13, 2007
short for putrid. a disgrossting occurence.

Pronounced P-Yooch
ugh that tattoo on her penis was just puch

friend: you want to eat carrots?
I: puch
by kovstar February 22, 2007
alcohol of any sort, beer, liquor, you name it
alright bruv, tough week yeh? lets put on the good shoes, get in some liquid fun and head for some tits
by kovstar December 13, 2007
The hair on the hose of a man's penis.
I can't say that I always trim my pubes but on the weekends I make sure to shave my tubes.
by kovstar July 10, 2008

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