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hott 2 the maxx.
did you see that girl? she was really hot... but she is nothing compared to lindi.
by Kory December 15, 2003
This is a lake in Finland where 3 campers were killed and a 4th one injured severly. The sole survivor has been in a psychiatric institute for these last 45 years (1960). The investigation was recently reopened and they found out that the fourth camper was acctaully the murderer. He may not be charged seeing how he is unfit to stand trial and has been technically incarserated for 44 years already.
The band Children of Bodom got their name simply from the lake. It's not the killer just the lake.
by Kory January 23, 2005
Hair that runs from the side burns to the back of the neck.
Dude! look at that chicks back beard!
by Kory October 05, 2003
sooooooo extremely sexy un believeably awesome.. but has a boyfirned shitt..
i wish i could bang elissa t
by kory April 05, 2005
Inserting an object, normally a finger, into a urethra.
Chrissy gave Dan a skinny zbuka and he could piss right for a week.
by Kory September 22, 2004
When a male is receiving oral pleasure from a lady and he ends by shooting his load in her eye and/or eyes.
Mike gave that chick he just met some Sticky Sunglasses.
by Kory September 21, 2004
to knock some 1 out or and 2 put them on their ass
"mike Tyson got put on his backpockets his last fight"
"hot sauce put son on his backpockets"
by kory August 11, 2004
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