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A condition in which one consumes so much alcohol that they end up vomiting it up and therefore do not gain weight (and may in fact lose weight). Furthermore, the day after a night of binge drinking, the alcolimic is unable to consume food due to nasty hangover. See alcorexia.
Sorostitutes are commonly afflicted with alcolimia from Thursday evenings to Sunday mornings.
#beerlimia #alcorexia #drunkorexia #beerlimic #alcorexic #drunkorex
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
A serious drinking disorder characterized by compulsive consumption of alcoholic beverages often followed by the "spins" and self-induced vomiting before a generalized malaise the following morning.
Brad: Did you see Jimmy on the bathroom floor earlier? He was drunk as an Irishman with his finger down his throat grunting like a whale in heat.

Marsha: Oh no, I heard he might be alcolimic. Alcolimia is a serious issue with today's youth.
#drunk #drinking #beer #liquor #alcolimic #alcohol #vomit #puke #irishman #bathroom floor
by fatschoonerrat January 08, 2008
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