12 definitions by km

a great website for winmx related stuff
Q: Where should i go for....?
A: MXtools.Net
by KM April 03, 2004
Several hours earlier than the crack of dawn. Specifically, when you have to get up really early in the morning. See also dark times.
My flight's at 6:00 am and I gotta be a the airport at the crack of crack tomorrow!
by KM March 10, 2004
Justice excellence courage
It takes a clan like JEC to protect the fields of BF1942.
by KM August 11, 2003
ridiculous, not cool at all, wack
That outfit is redonk.
by KM March 22, 2004
The coolest person in the entire universe. If you disagree, you are wrong.
"Damn, did you see that guy! Goes by the name of KM, I believe. Shizblam, he's the shiznit!"
by KM January 08, 2005
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