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1.be in state that is not sober
2.another word for cool, tight,or any other word like that.
Man them twankies twos looke throwed on that Burban.
3.another word meaning fucked up, not good, etc.
Man them high waters look throwed with those J's
by km January 27, 2003
Sexy man from down under, with his red hair and accent its enough to make any girl go to mush just looking at him...
I just saw David Wenham's new movie and I almost fainted when he came on the screen!
by KM November 30, 2004
Synonym for "midterm" at the University of Toronto.
I brought a jar of Vaseline to the exam to ease the assraping.
by KM May 18, 2004
the po-lice of moco. when you see the sirens blazin, better run cause the mocopo is a comin.
don't steal that. the mocopo will beat your ass.
by km February 01, 2005
1. Not as smart as matty de. 2. Cant break 2 minutes in the 200 free. 3. Does not get strait A's. 4. Needs to see malfa's guy about his eye brows
Luke just got luuuked as every one swam past him in the 200 free.
by km February 14, 2005
Well known UK phreak/hacker, Hangs out on US voice cons.
Ask most people on PLA/DDP etc to name a uk phreak.
by KM June 08, 2004
Ben said "Shizblam" when he was really excited. I think he might have also creamed his pants.
"Shizblam! I just shot that guy in the head! That was so cool!"
by KM January 08, 2005

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