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When you do a girl doggy style , then take it out and spit on her back to make her think you jizzed on it, then when she turns around, you jack off and cum in har face and say "ALAKAZAM BITCH"
yesterday, my boyfriend gave me an alakazam
by XxXxVeLoCiTyXxXx August 27, 2006
A psychic pokemon owned by Sabrina. Alakazam is the evolved form of Abra. With moves like Kenesis, Psybeam, Confusion and Psywave - Alakazam can easily fuck your shit up. An Alakazam can even bend spoons with its mind.
Sabrina: "My Alakazam won't obey me!"
Ash: " Have you tried spooning with it?"
by ProfessorPsychic March 09, 2010
1. verb, the act of sneezing and for snot to hang out of your nose.

2. noun, snot
1. oh dear i just alakazamed everywhere

2. ahh theres alakazam everywhere
by Joel weatherhead June 26, 2008
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