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1) To be totally rolling on Ecstasy, usu. beyond normal recreational levels.


2) After-effects from a good (or bad) trip on aforementioned drug.
"Jeez, that kid's so x'd out I can barely talk to him"

"Boy, after that rave, he was so x'd out"
by kirE April 03, 2006
Adult Alternative; See "Adult Contemporary".

This is basically the same stuff as Adult Contemporary.

Again, these are watered-down blah tunes for those who wish to think they're just too darn mature to listen to some good music and/or are afraid of offending someone by playing something more hip.

Can be viewed on VH1 or heard on your local easy-listening station.

The musicians of Adult Alternative bands are said by some to be down-to-earth individuals who dress modestly and are the kind you'd run into in a supermarket.

Bands such as Coldplay, U2, Nickleback, Lifehouse, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, etcetera fall under the Adult Alternative genre.

These bands and this music are NOT to be confused with actual genre known as "Alternative," nor should it be confused with Grunge or Indie music.
by kirE July 27, 2007
A ring check is quickly glancing at the fingers of potential girls (or guys, I suppose) to see if they're already spoken for.

You should be looking for a wedding ring or an engagement ring. Though lack of a ring doesn't mean they're single, at least there might be some hope for you.
Guy: "Damn, she's hot. I'm gonna ask her out."
Friend: "Don't bother, I just did a ring check - she's married."
Guy: "Oh well..."
by kirE August 06, 2007
This is what places of business put in their window or other prominent location, usually in the form of a sign, banner, or other such thing when they are seeking new employees.

Sometimes seen in newspaper advertisements as well.

These words pop up everywhere after school lets out for the summer. (sometimes in the form of Help Wanted, Positions Available, or other similar terms).

For many, this presents an opportunity to get a summer job and make some money - whether to save for school, material possessions, or simply the future. This is perfectly fine and is what the majority of us students seem to do.

For others, however, these two simple words are most unwelcome because we simply wish to chill out and enjoy the warm weather and short freedom from school.

It's not that we're all a bunch of lazy slackers, druggies, or whatever - some of us are have a great work ethic and aspirations for the future - we just want to have a leisurely summer break (after working our a**es off all year in high school or college).

When parents, family, or other older adults see this sign, they nag us incessantly to sacrifice our well-deserved vacation and apply for a job.
Dad: Hey son, I saw a Now Hiring sign at the local grocery store. You need to go get a job.
Me: Damn.
by kirE June 05, 2007
Slang for Tylenol PM - and the similar generic store-brand variations of the same - when used as a recreational drug.

Contains diphenhydramine and acetaminophen - the latter should be avoided. It's *really* bad for you when used in excessive amounts.

I doesn't contain dextromethorphan, so it's not technically a robotrip, but roughly similar.

Nonetheless, you can get high off this stuff. Tastes kinda frosty-minty and strong.
It's blue - it's liquid - and you can buy it in almost any drugstore.

A cheap and legal high - Blue Crack.

It's HELLA dangerous, though, because of the acetaminophen. Try something else!!!
by kire October 23, 2007
One of the MOST ANNOYING messages you will come across on the social networking community Myspace.

What it means is that that particular user has chosen to make the pictures in their photo page only available to friends, or sometimes nobody at all.

- -

These people may have a myriad of reasons to justify hiding their photos, which include:

Shyness (rather stupid, since you put yourself on the web in the first place - why not show all?)

To repel pervs - understandable, since there are certainly a lot out there. Not all hot 19 year-old chicks on myspace want some icky 40-year old fat guy masturbating to their photos.

To prevent "fakes" - for some strange reason, certain losers love to steal people's pictures, and make a fake profile using those pictures. The motives for this are lost on me. Maybe these losers get off on how many views their fake profile gets??

To prevent picture theft and editing - again, people sometimes steal the pictures, and then photoshop them in various ways. I don't understand why.

And the final reason - just to be annoying.
Teenage boy 1: "Hey, I just found some really cute girl on myspace"
Teengage boy 2: "Let's look at her pics!"
Teenage boy 1: "Oh, damn, they're set to private!"
Teenage boy 2: "Huh?"
Teenage boy 1: "Yeah, it says The user you're trying to view has set all their photos to private."
by kire November 09, 2007
O-town is the name of the fictional city in which the animated series "Rocko's Modern Life" took place.

(thats old-skool nickelodeon for all you little kids :-P)
Supposedly located on the border between Michigan and Canada.

Rocko and Heffer live in O-town.
by kirE April 25, 2006

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