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A teen mother is a female (between the ages of 13 and 19) who has a child.

If she became pregnant by accident because of unprotected sex...well, that sucks. This is why there needs to be better sex education in this country, and parents need to have "the talk" with their kids.

If she had it intentionally...well, then this is a girl who has taken her youth and prematurely flushed it down the toilet. This is an example of yet another worthless person, and God knows we don't need more of them in this country.

Girls this young (even if they think they are) are really not ready to have children. The maturity and responsibility is just not there yet. In addition, there is usually a lack of financial resources (money).

For those that may argue that "Well, my grandparents decided to have children at 18, etc..."
Uhm, if you haven't noticed, society is a lot different now. Look around.
"She had a kid? Wow. Too bad for her"
"Yeah, it was her idea to get pregnant!"
"At 18???"
"Wow. Well, too bad for her. She is a teen mother."
by kirE May 31, 2006
Holding a job.

Having to work.

Going to school.


Sadly, the vast majority of us are in slavery, whether it be based upon the necessity of a college degree, the expecation that one be in a lifelong relationship, need for financial resources (money), religious beliefs, social viewpoints, or whatever pointless reason.

It's very sad, but very true.
by kirE August 23, 2007
A person, or people who (if you really think about it) have little or no purpose in society. Such people are non-productive but do have the "job" of continuing the trend of white trash in this country.

Worthless people are present in both genders.

If you encounter such people, show some pity, while remaining secure in the knowledge that you're a lot better off - well, hopefully.
Worthless people are:
Macho guys, of the sit-at-home-and-watch-spike-tv-all-day variety, drive gas-guzzling pickup trucks but still can't seem to get a job. When they finally do become employed, it often tends to be construction work, or perhaps working at Safeway.

Girls who don't finish high school but instead get married to said guys and start popping out kids at 19. Some will eventually get their GED and sometimes take advantage of university of phoenix (or other loser online achools).
by kirE May 21, 2006
Short for "pickup truck". I'm sure you've all seen one driving around, sometime in your life.
"Joe Dirt's ride is an old Ford pickup."
"Yeah, I heard. What a bucket!"
by kirE May 22, 2006
A sickeningly cute and sappy form of the word "husband".

This is a word to be avoided at all costs, never to be spoken, and will hopefully someday disappear from human vocabulary.

It's not cute, it's not endearing, and it's not sweet.

Seriously, it sounds f'ing STUPID when you say it. It smacks of middle-aged domesticity, desperate girls, homebody-military wives, and worthless people.

In addition, you sound EXTREMELY uneducated and hick-ish. Girls, do yourselves a huge favor - boycott this word.
I swear, every time you even think about saying this word you're setting women's rights back twenty years.
"That guy I married, he's my hubby."

"Oh, isn't my hubby a cutie??? I just love him!"

"I'd better do what my hubby says, he knows best"
by kirE August 22, 2007
This term, commonly used by college-age students, is someone you share a house with (or, less commonly, an apartment).

These people were, to my knowledge, formerly known as "roommates," in virtually all contexts.

Housemate seems to be merely one of the many trendy terms being tossed around these days.

Here are possible reasons for this word's existence:

A) Perhaps it's supposed to have less of the negative stigma that the word "roommate" seems to carry with it.

B) Also possible is that roommate implies a closer relationship/friendship than simply housemate.
John, Dave, and Bill were looking for another housemate to share in the rent.

That guy across the hall, he's my housemate.
by kirE August 20, 2007
Something girls used to refer to their boyfriends as - possibly back in the 50s or 60s.

Something that home-body girls still call their guys in modern times - usu. after becoming engaged.

Personal plea: Please, get with the times. No one but your grandma has any excuse to talk like that.
He's my fella. Isn't he dreamy?
by kirE May 25, 2006

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